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We imagine that nothing comes as close to a magic carpet ride as a balloon flight. Grand Adventure provides a breathtaking flight over the beautiful Colorado Rockies. Every morning at sunrise the skies are brightened by a hot air balloon taking off from the Winter Park/Fraser Valley Area. Passengers' excitement begins to build as they gather to watch the balloon being inflated. Then they climb into the basket as the pilot heats the air inside the balloon until it becomes "lighter than air". This heating allows the balloon to gracefully ascend, affording magnificent views of the mountains.

In addition to the awesome beauty of the valley illuminated by the clear morning light, the sensation which impresses most first-time aeronauts is the absence of any perception of motion. There is a sense of suspended animation, of being one with the forces of nature.

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Our experienced pilots know exactly how to adjust the altitude to hitch a ride on a friendly breeze going their way. While the flight paths of the balloons vary with the direction and speeds of the winds, the balloons may not land in the same location each day. Therefore a chase vehicle follows each balloon and a trained crew is on hand at the end of a flight to assist with the landing, to pack up the balloon, and to transport the passengers back to their vehicles.

Included with each flight is the traditional champagne toast - a tradition over 200 years old - a continental breakfast, and a commemorative flight certificate.

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Flights are approximately one hour, depending on landing site availability, wind direction, and fuel consumption. Flights are scheduled at sunrise when the atmosphere is most stable and breezes are gentle.

Flights are Scheduled at Sunrise

Fare per person $ 250
Child care for children under 4 during flight 20
Gift Certificates available 1

Special Rates - Please contact us for details: Rides@grandadventureballoon.com

Weddings 1
Corporate Balloons 1
Festivals and Promotions 1
Family and Group rates 1
* Cancellations within 7 days of scheduled flight time will be charged in full.
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