Byers Peak Winter Park ColoradoTo visit Winter Park/Fraser Valley without taking a hot air balloon flight is to miss one of the loveliest and most memorable experiences the valley has to offer. Flights begin at sunrise, as the sun is coming over the Continental Divide. The inflation of the balloon is an exciting moment. Anticipation levels start to rise, as a dream begins to take shape. Professional crew is on hand at all times, but you are more than welcome to participate. Once the balloon is standing nine stories tall, you will board this gentle giant, only to find quite an adventure to come.

As you lift off the valley floor, you may notice the sensation of the ground gently falling away from you. Low to the ground, everything is real as the balloon drifts across the land at the speed of the wind. You’ll be soaring peacefully over some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.

ShadowWhen the balloon gains altitude, the world and time seem to come to a stop. At the highest flight level, snow covered mountain ranges can be seen for up to 100 miles. What better place to fly than beside the Continental Divide, which makes a balloon flight even more spectacular. As you descend back toward earth, you may fly over the treetops, getting close enough to pick pinecones. Floating just over the valley floor, you may follow the flow of the Fraser River and have the opportunity to do a splash and dash, which is somewhat like walking on water. With the valley having an abundance of wildlife, you may be fortunate enough to see them in their natural habitat.

Traditional Champagne ToastRegardless of the flight path into which the wind may guide you, with the help of your skillful pilot, each offers a unique journey of its own. Upon returning to earth your adventure will be toasted with a traditional Champagne Toast, a tradition over 200 years old; you will be served a continental breakfast, and awarded an aeronaut flight certificate. This adventure will be a memory you’ll want to relive, so bring your camera and make sure to have fresh batteries and plenty of space on your memory card. The world’s first form of aviation is a thrill to both young and old, so come fly away with us and be carried off on a Grand Adventure.