Colorado Engagement Balloon Ride in the Rocky Mountains Year-round

Engagement Balloon Ride

This was a beautiful morning for a hot air balloon ride, but it was much more than just that. Today, we also had a surprise engagement! Love was in the air as the sun came up over the Continental Divide and the day just got better! It was a special morning over the Winter Park/ Fraser Valley of Colorado.

Breathtaking Views for the Happy Couple

There were amazing views of peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, wildlife below, and snow covered peaks for over 100 miles. This is such a sweet way to propose! There is no better way to pop the question than a hot air balloon ride with Grand Adventure Balloon Tours.
Our flights are a peaceful and tranquil ways to start your life together, whether it is a proposal or even a marriage ceremony. It feels as if you are away from all of the regular hustle and bustle of everyday life.

An Amazing Location

The Winter Park/ Fraser Valley’s beauty is unmatched; located near ridge of Continental Divide and home of Winter Park Resort, and Byers Peak. Wow! What a majestic mountain, its face never the same. All of the seasons in the Rocky Mountains are just amazing, always changing into something different and spectacular. It just like a balloon flight. Each one different and each one gets better than the last. Each flight a unique journey of its own, much like life. What a more beautiful journey than to start it by proposing high in the air floating peacefully along with the wind. Viewing wildlife below while picking pine cones, and touching waters. An exhilarating experience to say the least!

Customizable for You and Your Sweetheart

Each proposal can be performed to your liking. In the air, before or after take off. A banner rolled out at take off with Marry Me read from high above can be rolled out. In the winter a message can be made in the snow sparkling below. How magical! So whatever your dream may be, Grand Adventure Balloon Tours can provide just that. So if an engagement is on your mind this is an amazing way to do it!


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I really notice you.

From the intensity in your eyes, 6b1a9542-3
to the taste of your lips.
You mesmerize me, Baby.
That’s how I know you’re it. sam_1294

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